Saturday, 19 November 2011


Today has been a good day.  I got up early and went to the gym.  Burned 1000kcals.  Will be sore tomorrow.  Plus I am starting my new job tomorrow. I obv didn't think this through. Maybe a hot shower will help. =S

Sorry to disappoint but I have had chocolate today. Two bars. The shame.  I had a flake (135) before the gym for energy, and a fudge (110) after.  So its half 4 and my total is 250.  It won't be my final total though because I am going to have tea at around 6ish.  What to have though? =/ 

Lots of uni work to haul through.  My friend C sat her dental nurse exam today so hopefully she has passed, its good though because now I get my friend back.  Before she studied all the time.  We play black ops online. Its fun. 


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Happy title

Phew...I am happy today.  I kicked my ass in gear and headed to the gym. Students have free membership as long as they go before 4pm.  Good session. Hopefully now that I've started going back I can keep to it.  Going tomorrow before uni as well. Probably won't be as good as today.

I burned 500, plus 20 minutes walking and then some crunches and squats. When counting what I eat  I always round up. My calories intake for today is 490cals.  For breakfast I had two small slices of wholemeal toast. (120) with low fat butter and marmalade (30).  Then I had porridge with skimmed milk after the gym with the smallest amount of honey =] (160) At around 7ish I'll have a bowl of vegetable soup (190) for tea.  

I guess overal that would give me -10 cals as a net amount.  Though I don't think Ill deduct exercise otherwise Ill end up eating more...then were would it stop.  So I'm going with 490ish for today. Wicked. Tomorrow will most likely be higher, I'm in uni till 5. 

I find this image motivating when I am are struggling. Be it in the gym or emotionally or when I am hungry. 


Sunday, 13 November 2011


My head is sore. I am fed up researching.  I've spent at least 20 hours working on a 1400 word assignment. It's due tomorrow and I am almost finished. Uni is hard people.  Essays have to be completely referenced which is the longest part.  I could easily write difficulties in math from my head etc but noo I have to reference everything from journals and books etc.  On the bright side it has distracted me from thinking of food.  I didn't even realise it was so late.

I am really jealous and appreciate the hard work put in of all those fabulous girls out there who are amazing at maths. Oh well Science is my forte. Possibly not the math is physics lol. Team geeks

Been a good day so far. Ive had fruit n fibre cereal (for an extra boost on bowel movements) sorry TMI there but I'm sure that I am not the only one who has this problem lol. Anywho had that with red know the good kind, and a cup of green tea with a drop of honey and coffee for brain power. I aprrox total at 250ish. I plan on having a bowel of veg soup at 100 cals Il go 150 cals to be sure incase I end up having a different flavour.  So i'm approximating my total at 400cals for today.  I'l post later to be sure. I usually don't post during the day but at night when my day is finished, but I need a break from doing Math and I feel like sharing.  Love all my lovely ladies who follow me xx


Okay So I'm edited in my food.  I had scotch broth soup at (170) a tin. Plus a round of unbuttered wholemeal bread (60),  So total 500cals 

DietCokePlease xxx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Eat Less Scales

After the last two days I needed today.  I have been pure gorbing! I had over 1000cals both yesterday adn the day before. Not good.  Not good at all.  It's okay though because I'm back on the wagon and restricting.  Today has been good.  Not my best but still good.

Breakfast I had toast (60) with marmalade (25).  For tea I had a skinless chicken breast fillet (200) with some parsnip, sprouts and peas, approx (170) in total, and a class of coke (105).  Total: 560cals.  Feels like a lot.  Probably because most of the cals came from one sitting. Oh well. I could do so much better without the coke, but it gives me more energy and I need energy to get some uni work done tonight.  It's near half 8 at night so thats me finished. 

These scales would be amazing to own. Sure would be good motivation.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm so stupid!

Got 56%  in my teaching & learning assignment. How crap. I cried for an hour!  Not a good start to year 2 at uni. I'm so stupid! I tried so hard though. Grrrr. I did some maths work today. Pretty boring but it has to be done. Prob do crap on it too. =[

Day 2 of my Nov/Dec diet.  Still going good. Restricted under 500 went for a run, did some exercise. heraa  heraa. It's only an approx, not down to the exact cal, but I always round up rather than down. =]

Toast (60) no butter, splash of marmalade (25) for breakfast.  Then for tea I had a grilled chicken breast (180) with 24 sprouts (90) Yes I love my sprouts. Low cal and totally yum! Some coke to drink (50) Need to start drinking diet coke again. I'm addicted to fat coke! =[ Anywho. Total - 405cals.

Got the new Percy Jackson book. (Yes I love childrens/teens fiction) XD.  Going to read it tonight


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Coca Rocha

So today has been good calorie wise. Mostly because I bought the new Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 3. It is brilliant and has distracted me from food. I love looking at food though so I did watch four episodes of, 'Come Dine with me.'  Its a british series where 4/5 strangers meet up and throw dinner parties and compete for £1000. I love to look at all their meals. Very satisfying. 

Today's stats (approx)

For breakfast I had toast (60) with some marmalade (25) and a cup of tea with red milk (5). Then I had a cup of tea later on (5). For dinner I had two rounds of toast (120) no butter, and 1/2 tin of beans (120) with a glass of coke (75).  Total -  400cals

It's almost half 10 at night so I'm finished for today.  Also I took one hydroxycut tablet. Which is little compared to what your meant to take which is 4 a day.  If I could take 4 I would. You know 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. However they make me sick if I take that many.  They do work though. =]

Some thinspo of one of my fav models. Coco Rocha queen of the pose <3


Monday, 7 November 2011

Missed Every1 -Sorry

Hi,  First of - sorry I have not posted in months.  I feel ashamed, I thought I  could get better without posting. I can't and I need this, I need support.  Weight gain = is not better, I feel like shit.  So I'm back down to 117lbs. Still striving for 100. Naturally.

I am in my second year at uni - oh the joy- it's so much harder.  You know what made me relapse and realise I need this. I did so bad on my first assignment of the year.  I just scraped a pass. Barely. =[ My school work suffered less when I was happy not eating much, but when I try to eat stress free = more stress. Oh the endless cycle.  

So yes I'm hoping you guys are still here for me =]. I will support use again. Hope to hear from everyone.  I forgot how much I enjoyed sharing my life. =]

DietCokePlease x