Friday, 6 May 2011

I made one week!

One week of no purging...achievement.  Hopefully I can keep it up, also as I am trying not to purge I have pressured myself to restrict more as I know I have no other option as an out if I overeat.  I do have my hard times and eat way more than I should, then I have days were I find it very very easy.  I wish I had an in between.  Hell I wish I could just not eat, then everything would be perfect, I would have total self control. 

I feel in control today. Although I know if I eat now I will lose all control so me no eaty. It is 11pm and my calorie count is 410cals. This is mainly because I didn't go into my placement today, so I slept in later, hence no eating.  I am so happy of myself today.  I feel like I achieved a lot.  I worked a 3 hour shift in the chinese and I didn't eat anything.  I get a free meal and didn;t even take it =], it wasn't even tempting, there was no mind games going on in my head trying to convince myself not to eat.

Came home I got into bed and caught up on all my programmes. (glee, vampire diaries, bones and of course ANTM- which I can't fucking believe that Alexandria went home, should have been Hannah!.Tyra said to Alexandria, "You have too much control" What!  #!%^&$!! Fuck. Control is good! I wanted to cry! ahhh Goddammit I wanted her to win! Im rooting for Molly now, she may be grumpy a lot but damn she is gorgeous! and I sorta just love her, she brings out my gay side sometimes. lol. ) My mum then bought the whole house pizza.  I declined, it was easy. I am happy.  Then my mum gave me two sausages for my to feed to my dog, I smelt them.  It was enough.  I am happy. Success.



  1. o i love the show bones yay for 1 week purge free

  2. Great job on 1 week purge free! =)
    I love Glee and Bones too! Although I don't really watch them regularly. lol

  3. Well done for not purging for a week :D my iPods messing up write now so I can't see your entire blog but I'll try again later.

    A week is still awesome though! really try to keep it up :D xxxx