Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wednesday Wonder

I don't know why I made my title so poetic, I guess I'm in a good mood. A lazy mood but happy enough. I am chilled out on my bed with my beautiful jack russell terrier M trying to distract myself from doing work XD.  I have had 626 cals today, and I hope to not eat anymore.  I feel it's an achievement even though it is only 7.30pm.  I usually can make it to this time with less cals but I am never up from 7am, so really I have had 626cals over a 12 hour period which I think is good.  I hope my will power will carry me through until tomorrow when I can have my yummy fruit and fibre cereal.  I bought the kellogs brand at 152cals per bowl, but I am going to round it up to 200cals because in my house is only full fat milk. Ewwk. I must buy red,   I just don't want my family to think anything if I do. 

I haven't purged since Friday. One week is my target! I hope I can make it because I really do want to keep my teeth, and diet coke and purging certainly do not help with this.  Though recently I have cut down on the diet coke because it gives me really bad stomach cramps and makes loud noises in my stomach after a few hours of drinking it.  So just water now, but I love evian water so it's all good.  That's toothless the night fury- great movie, but if I don't change I'l end up matching the cute night fury. 
I have no scales, I cannot weigh myself, it's frustrating, but If I fail I can't see the numbers so I guess it's easier to get back up on the horse and go for round 600.  My lovely ladies who comment, use are my saddle and when I fall you guys help me so much and I can't thank use enough for understanding and not judging.  It's great to blog and go on PT where people who really understand support each other.  Much love as always.

Ohh and placement day 2 went well, a tad boring.  I have to now spend 2 hours making a lesson plan for a 20 minute lesson I will teach...eurgh where is the logic! 



  1. AH i hate purging. i want to keep my teeth to and every time i do i worry that my dentist will be able to tell next time.
    sorry about the lack of scales hun.

  2. It's good that you want to stop purging. I haven't purged in over 3 years so it is possible! =)
    No scales sucks but maybe the loss will be bigger?

  3. I'm glad you're in a good mood :) World seems like a better place when we're happy lol :D

    I agree on the purging, I HATE it, yet still I can't stop myself.

    Take care x

  4. purging sucks trust me i know
    im glad i buy my own milk well i have to lactose intolerance and all that shit
    glad the placement went well