Tuesday, 26 April 2011

End of Exams

It's over...gone. First year of uni done. Except for placement, but no more exams or assignments XD.  Two months of working in schools will be very fun, I'm a little scared about what to eat.  Breakfast= cereal, Snack= Apple? Lunch=? then my mum will make dinner...I don't know how I am going to survive? I can't eat it but I must, I need energy and strength to last me all day? But i'll be fat? ahhhh...must not think about this.  I start next tuesday. 0_0. I am back at my old high school as well, this is going to be interesting. I would eat this cake(I wrote cat, published blog then re read it. lol I don't eat cats, who eats cats? dogs?. Im a person) to celebrate end of my exams...prob purge it but dang it's true.
Moving home on Thursday...and thank fuck for that, can't stand living in these stupid halls, with my stupid moaning flat mates.  Living on a famous street next year in Liverpool =] Won't say where, so I am excited about that and living with my class mates.

Oh and I did not have any easter eggs over easter...not a single one.  Last few days I have been eating alot...hitting the 900cal mark I think and yesterday was awful.  I think I hit around 1300cal. Yikes!  I haven't had time to count exactly recently.  I binned my food diary because If anyone found it at home...well I couldn't face that.  I'll start a new one in July when I am in my new flat, until then its guesstimating.  Today however I had 1/2 weight watchers pie. 149cal.  12 boiled brussel sprouts 96cal. Some peas. 50cal. Gravy 50cal.  Coffee. 5 cal.  That was my tea. Then I had a twirl 232cal and chewy sweets. 100cal fml. I tried to purge but I couldn't knowing that I would binge further so I stopped after one go and decided to just be fat. I couldn't resist, I have no will power. =[ Total : 682. eurgh please! Any much love as always xxx



  1. OMG I LOVE the Fuck Exams cake, so clever! I want to make a cake like that at the end of this quarter! haha! ps I can not figure out how to follow your blog,there is nowhere for me to click to follow it?...or maybe I am just too retarded to figure it out, lol :)

  2. Awesome cake!
    Less than 700 cals? That's good compared to my day. I don't even want to know how many calories I consumed.