Saturday, 12 March 2011

Diet Coke is my safe haven

Ahh bliss, my final day of my week.  I am currently 451cals under from last weeks full cal consumption. That is providing I don't eat anything else today.  Its 8.43pm so I'm feeling hopeful.  Today has been quite uneventful, haven't had to struggle through the day thinking of food! Kept my self busy with my uni work. Nothing like Chemistry to keep my mind focused.   I must confess though, last night I couldn't resist the urge of the food calling me! A chicken pie- eurgh I'm such a cow for eating pie! With chips and gravy! I ate half, purged, then ate the other and purged.  Therefore I reckon I got most of it up.  I added some cals onto my count just in case.  The reason this happened, is because I had my flat to myself which is rare and so I just couldn't resist. Anyway paid for it today!

My Fav cereal- fruit n fibre with skimmed milk - 120 cal
Coffee- 5cal
Total- 125cal

Feeling optimistic this week.  My weekly weigh in say's I have lost another pound this week.  Nothing like losing pounds to keep my motivation up.  To keep me satisfied for the rest of the night I have several cans of Diet Coke. Did I mention I love Diet Coke. ; Well I do, not to mention the thinspo it gives me  seeing the asos adds. Also it really isn't to do with thinspo, I have always loved diet coke over reg coke.  Which makes me lucky <3 Keep Safe 

DietCokePlease xxx

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