Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wrath of the McyD

Ok well, today has been totally fucked up!! All because of one stupid Mc Donalds.  Okay so first of all my day was going well.  I didn't sleep last night at all, I was busy doing work for uni.  I'm not behind or anything, I just want to be on top of things.  So I did a whole assignment in one night.  At 8am I grabbed my usual cereal and milk. 120cals and my coffee. 5cals.  Then at about 11ish I had a nice cappuccino. 16cals.  All was good until I got home from the library.  I craved beans! Of all things beans.  So I ended up gobbing two waffles and a whole tin of beans.  Not good.  Totally ruined my ABC diet, especially on my first day.  This just wouldn't do so naturally I spent the next ten minutes over the toilet. I added about 50cals incase any was consumed. Then as I had another assignment I wanted to get out of the way I needed brain food.  I opted for a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich at 318cals. So far so good, approx the total cal would be 509cals.  Perfect Right? NO! I couldn't even stop my fat arm reaching out and buying and eating a dairy milk bar at 260cals!! Eurgh FML! I was in company so I couldn't even get rid of it when the awful feeling of guilt and self hatred came.  So you know what I did, I fucking drank a large chocolate milkshake from mcdonalds at 530cals, I deserved to be this fat, I deserve to suffer the consequences of eating a dairy milk bar.  Then came my worst binge in a while to top the day off.  I was already feeling crappy, so I thought why the fuck not. Big Mac, Fries and Diet Coke.  I ate it so fast, I couldn't even breathe afterwards.  Of course unable to let this major binge join the hips, I purged. =[ 5Ocals added to be safe. Day 1= FAILURE. Total: 1389cals. FTW.  I am so going to pay for this tomorrow! Feeling shit.

DietCokePlease xxx


  1. Sorry about the binge. Just try not to stress it. Stressing it will just make the cycle more likely to continue. Feel better.

  2. Haha. That picture was to funny. I feel like that sometimes.

    Be strong, I know you can do it!

  3. Aw thnx for support, I hate McD. I just can never stop myself when it comes to it.