Thursday, 7 April 2011

Slightly depressed

Urgh, all my hard work ruined!! One stupid week at home with everyone and I am back where I started.  I need to have more self control.  I need to stop eating.  I need to exercise more.  I need to puke more.  I need to revise.  I need to do my assignments.  I need to get a job.  I need money. Why is my life so fucking depressing right now.  Oh yea I know, because I can't control my own will. I am weak.  I must be stronger!    Yes that picture really is me!

On a brighter note, I bought the book, 'wasted' by Marya Hornbacher.  Hoepfully it will keep me busy and inspire me to stop being a pig.  I'm back alone for a day then I am away to spain for a week.  Doubt I'll eat much there because I don't really like the foods there.  Alcohol will be the killer.  I don't even want to go, I want to stay here and starve and be alone, but I don't want to leave one of the girls alone because we only went because the other one was going.  We are going with a team and most of them are your usual orange blobs with big hair and loud voices  Intriguing.  Anyway much loves as always. xx

DietCokePlease xxx

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  1. Don't get yourself down like that :( Tomorrow is another day. I know you don't want to go but hope you have fun atleast. Take care x