Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 3 of 250 a day

Day 1= fail
Day 2 = fail
Day 3 = FUCK

Why can't I just do what I set out to do. Sometimes I hate having friends. I am sociable a lot of the time because I need friends, I need to be sociable.  Sometimes it pisses me off.  I celebrated the last of my exams with alcohol yesterday and dang what a waste of calories.  Well over 250.  I swear yesterday was an awful day, one of my worst in a while.  I ate/drank:  Two weetabix biscuits, small piece of spongebob cake, 1 x bulmers pear, 2 x kopperbergs pear, 1 x packet of tayto crisps.  Then I was a little drunk and came home and munched out.  =[ fml.  A whole packet of supernoodles, 20 brussel sprouts, a small yogurt, handful of fries with bbq sauce. Why oh fucking why.  Today will be better.  I am only going to have a plate of brussel sprouts and that is all.  I don't deserve anything else.  I hate this diet, it makes me feel like shit.  I can do 250 days but when I set out to do it I fail.  It's too much, too hard. I can't do it.  I give up.

I was so ashamed of myself I almost didn't post.  Good luck to the other girls though who are doing this aswell.  Hope it goes well for you guys xx.



  1. I just binged.. :(

  2. Don't sweat it. For me, it always seems harder when I try to limit myself to a certain number of calories. It seems on the days when I have no set limit, I do better. I set my max between 750-1000. It's low(ish) and it's easy to obtain unless I eat all three meals a day or drink things besides water. But focus on the positives. Don't give up. Just pick yourself up and try again. You can do it.