Wednesday, 13 April 2011

246cal Quiche= Amazing

Another day to spend revising, only this time I'm going to have to hit the library because I get too distracted in my room.  Thankfully though I do have peace and quiet in my flat because all my housemates are away for spring break.  I'm sure this won't last until the end of the week, but hey fingers crossed.  Anyway today has been another productive day, just not revision wise but that's for later.  So far I've managed to have only my cereal and tea (the coffee I have isn't worth the wasted cals- I will buy some proper stuff soon, I forgot when I was at the shop....again) and YAY! I have red milk again. =D.  It's bliss.  Thats only 125cals for breakfast.

Plus I felt more energetic today than all week.  It must be my cold going- and thank goodness because I always seem to have the cold when it's about. Stupid Immune system.  It's only 5.40pm at the moment, so I still have all night to go. I will be up late revising, probably stuck in the 24 hour library, do goodness knows what time I will leave at.  I have a 246cal quiche in the oven, and it's not even that small.  It's amazing because I love quiches and pies of any kind, and I never eat them because they are so full of calories.  I also found a chicken and mushroom pie for 280 or something (can't remember the exact amount) I am going to have a slice of brown wholemeal bread with it- I love bread too much. 58cals (I found bread with 58cals per slice, and now I can't believe I even ate the 70cal per slice bread, seems like a waste of calories now. Oh well. That will give me a boost to begin my revision and then I have prepared another amazing 200cal tuna sandwich for brain power for later tonight, when I lose concentration. Though I did munch a lot of tuna and some sweetcorn when making it, maybe 50cals. I also had a 20cal werther original, man do I love toffee.  So todays total should be - fingers crossed I do not eat any chocolate etc later in the library. I will try my hardest not too! I will be strong.
 Total= 699 cals. The pic isn't the same flavour etc but same brand etc.

I know I could do better and not the eat the sandwich but revision needs concentration. P.s I got the quiche from tesco's. It's the weightwatchers brand.


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  1. sounds like you have everything under control. Don't work yourself too hard x