Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Take your own advice.

Okay girls....Recently I have been giving advice etc and comments and I realised I never take my own advice.  How can I give support and advice to you lovely people If I can't even do it myself.  That is hypocritical right there.  So I am going to take my own advice and support along with all you lovely supporters as well of course who help me so much, more than use probably realise.  

Anyway today I binged and I mean binged.  I started well with vegetable soup 129cals, but I felt really faint so I bought a sandwich 303cals, then I went mad and ate a whole box of chocolate fingers. 650cals worth and I was in company so I couldn't even get rid D=. I drank two bottles of kopparberg pear at 220cal each. That makes todays total at: 1522cals.  Damn, thats a lot, the most I have in ages. My advice. Chin up girly and start again.  Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I restrict.  I have been asked to a formal which is in four weeks.  I will drop a dress size. I must. Run Run Run Fatso, exercise chubby and you will be beautiful and thin and everyone will love you.  Why thank-you my dear...May is a month for getting thin. Wow. P.s my old post, I got the picture of cake off the internet, I meant that I would eat it if I had it, but I would never let myself buy it, but it looked nice. xx
Who dosen't like motivational family guy. Also...
Sadly I am not a statue.



  1. I do the same thing with giving advice but not taking it. I try to take it though.
    Since I binged like you today, I will say for the both of us: Don't sweat it. Today will soon be/is over and tomorrow is a new day. Don't aim to finish the race tomorrow. Aim instead to warm up for it. Before you know it, you'll be running. Then you'll be crossing that finish line. It'll feel so good. Don't give up. You can do it!

  2. no worries 1522 IS NOT BAD AT ALL, it's less than you need to maintain weight which is around 1900. you fueled your body today, get a good work out in tomorrow, if you don't go to the gym go for a power walk with all the calorie energy you took in today. i think i'll post a blog with some songs with a good beat for power walking tonight.

    i'll be following your progress, and your plan to follow my own freaking advice too!

  3. I also give advice and don't always take it. Thank you for this post, I will try my best to take my own advice from now on! And don't stress, tomorrow will be a fresh start! :)

  4. it's not that bad sweetheart, you could have done a lot worse. Like you said, try again tomorrow. Good luck :) x