Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hydroxycut Advanced

I bought Hydroxycut and I am looking forward to my lovely weight loss.  Well I hope so.  I just can't be fucked with the nasty side effects. Oh well skinny isn't easy.  Caffeine pills worked for my exams, kept me motivated and my brain ticking enough.  Off them now because these new diet pills have caffeine in them and I don't much fancy having a caffeine overdose...that would most definitely suck.

I know I aced my Chemistry and Biology exams.  Physics was a D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! I'm annoyed the most that I get an overall mark between the three.  I would much rather have two A's and a . Not an overall C. Eurgh!  Don't care about English, thought I think I did okay.  Math is on thursday...meh not too bothered.  It's open book...can't be that hard.  I just love my science, can't wait to graduate and get a job! Will be amazing teaching little lovelies about science.  Although sometimes I think I shouldn't teach science (even thought I really really want to) because I would be hypocritical when it comes to diets and stuff.  I would teach them to be healthy thought. Not like me. Jeese I know.  Hopefully my brain works better by the time I graduate.  If anyone has experience with hydroxycut I appreciate feedback from it??

DietCokePlease xxx


  1. I took Hydroxycut Hardcore some months ago and i hate to tell you that it made me absolutely crazy! Yeah the energy did me well for the first week or so, but by the second week I was an absolute wreck. I cried everyday and had no idea why, I was SO sad -- not even depressed just genuinely sad, I was so attatched to my mom, and I didn't want to do anything. All of these characteristics are VERY unlike me too so it was truly a horrible few weeks for me. When I finally realized that it was the hydroxycut that was bothering me so much I stopped taking it and felt better within the next week once it had gotten out of my system. I'm not sure if theres much of a difference between the hardcore and avdanced but I encourage you to read reviews. Given the fact that these pills are intended for obese or heavy people it may have the same effect on you. I hope this helps and I don't mean to ruin this for you I just remember that feeling and it was unbearable. Goodluck girl, I'm thinking of you!! skinnylovexo

  2. I think it's so cool that you want to teach science! I'm going into a science career (forensic science) so yeah. Just cool. I'm a nerd. 0.o
    Be careful on the pills. Never taken them myself though so don't know how they work. The previous comment is kind of scary. Just be careful.

  3. Take care with the diet pills sweetheart.

    Congrats on exams you did well on! Wish you luck for others :) I used to love science too but I absolutely hated with passion physics! Take care x