Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shopping and Laddergoat!

So today, I went shopping to Asda.  It was good, I got all the foods I like.  I got low cal vegetable soup, apples, veggies, red milk.  Low cal snacks etc etc.  Yep my week is hopefully going to be a good one. I binged out today, but I didn't purge. Good, my teeth were pleased with me.  Probably not my stomach though, but who they fucks cares! I care, I do. Oh well.  Anyway, I did binge today, yes it was easy, and damn am I guilty now.  Meh it's Sunday, therefore haaaugggge Sunday dinner.  I made my mum give me lots and lots of veg so I could fill myself up and it was easy because I love brussel sprouts.  Then I just ate chocolate, and I won't lie it was nice. Too much, but nice.  Tomorrow is Monday, so lets have a nice week will we, a nice restricting week, full of restrictyness. That's not even a word.  It is now.  It's in my blog so it  has to be a word. >_< Yeeeah!   

I watched a very random video on you tube. "Oh you, Ladder goat, You so random," It will make you laugh and laugh and will certainly brighten your dullest days.  SEARCH & WATCH IT!!



  1. hmmm..I didn't watch the whole thing. that was just weird.

  2. Red milk?! Whoa what is that? Sounds pretty awesome! Good luck on your restriction, stay beautiful! :)

  3. yeah what is red milk?
    have a good week hun

  4. whats red milk? is it yummy (aka low cal) ? good luck!!! stay pretty babe!