Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chemistry is more productive than sleep.

Ha okay I can't  fucking sleep.  Probably because I slept so late into the day.  Its 5.37am and I am still awake...awesome.  Eurgh! My boyfriend is coming at 2pm tomorrow (or today whatever) and I can't sleep during the day when he is here, how rude! Plus he travels quite far to see me. So I am going to be hyped on coffee all day.  My night has been very productive though, I have revised for my Chemistry exam, cleaned my room and sorted all my uni work out.  Fuck Yea!

Couldn't find a cool carton of a female scientist (totally sexist pfft) so thats it ^^^ Now for my shitty news.  After my last post I went for a lovely jog, and by jog I mean mostly walking. I am so unfit right now, but that will change because I'm training for a quarter marathon in October.  It will be my first and that is why it's only a quarter, besides I think I would keel over doing a full one.  Anyway back on point, after my jog I felt so damn good especially with my calorie intake.  Nooo fatty here had to scoff two egg and onion with mayo sandwich...but I got rid of this after, then literally ten minutes later I ate a whole packet of bacon flavoured supernoodles with two rounds of wholemeal bread. God was it good, and of course I got rid of this.  I don't really consider myself bulimic because I usually restrict mostly, but I caved.  I guess I was craving the carbs.  Anywho I am soo hungry right now, and I am filling up on water.  I am hoping sleep takes me so I can wake up in a few hours and then have my usual breakfast of fruit and fibre cereal and skimmed milk.

DietCokePlease xxx

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