Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dizzy is my punishment!!

I haven't been able to update this recently because I have been very busy scoffing my face! No but I have had very bad days recently. I think when I start a diet I end up worse off. Whenever I just go myself I always end up really good. =/ Anyway. Quick catch-up from Monday. It started off well with only 493, which reached my 500 for the day. However some alcohol later that night....shameful!! I was so proud that I made that 500! Okay Tuesday I had 0cal because I slept off my hangover all day. Well I did get up for Uni, but I ended up sleeping through my whole lecture. Quite funny really seeing as my professor thought he would be kind and let me sleep. However I woke up Tuesday night and had a major binge of tomato soup and some chocolate and 2 bottles of Lucozade. Trust me NEVER drink Lucozade.  It is pure wasted cals!!  So today I am paying for my last few days.  It is 5.40pm right now and I have not consumed anything apart from one bottle of water! I've been for an hour long jog.  Result -> Dizzyness.  I am going to go to tesco's later and buy some celery and cucumbers and anything that looks like food with hardly any calories.  The reason for this is because I have friends visiting tomorrow for a while and I can hardly just not eat infront of them.  So at least if I eat a cucumber it will look like I'm eating.  I can always use the uber cool excuse of, 'I'm eating healthy.'  When really I'm dying inside.  Okay rant over.

Quick Warning.  Tomorrw is St Paddy's day so I expect my alcohol intake to be quite high, so bare with me.  I do like to go out drinking.  I'm going to try only consume calories from alcohol though, and then work them off the next few days.  Probably not Thursday because I will indeed be suffering.  Okay rant over.  If I don't update for a while it's because of prying eyes.  Some Thinspo.

DietCokePlease xxx

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