Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Back to Eire

Thank-you for your comments. =] I know it's a new a blog but I really appreciate all the comments, and to put it simply, if you support me I will support you.

This post isn't really focused on my ED but a brief on my day, because today I feel like sharing.  So today the girlies from my class bought me a birthday present, and amazing glee bed sheet for my double bed next year. (We are all moving in together) Thank-you R,S & L.  I really loved it and I love glee.  It was perfect, and it really made my day after having a not so good birthday.  I got really drunk last night, but It was on vodka and diet soda, and I only consumed about 600cals all day.  I am going back to Ireland tomorrow to visit my family for the week and to go to the westlife concert.  Exciting.  Restricting should be easy at home, because I can keep myself busy, and walk my dog constantly.  Plus I will be super busy with uni assignments and revising for exams.

I went out to a club last night for my birthday and stayed up all night long so I am super tired right now.  I did go to the cinema and watched, 'Hall Pass.'  However I actually paid £6 to sleep through a movie. Pure awesome.  So that's the sleep I have had and I'm pure tired now.  Time to pack. Much love.
P.s got a gorge bag from New Look.  See it here ->

 Feeling very happy.


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  1. So I don't really know what to say, just wanted to say I'm reading and I hope you have a good time back home.