Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Binge Dreams??

For the last two nights I have been having dreams about eating the most unsafe ridiculous foods.  In my dreams I feel anxious eating the foods but I still eat it and taste it.  I then wake up and feel awesome because it was only a dream.  I love these dreams, it feels like a real binge but it isn't.  The only down side I usually wake up craving chocolate. (my main binge food) Usually I don't have any around and so I get over it, but this morning I have 5 pieces of a bar lying in the fridge from a previous binge and I just had to eat it.  I didn't even purge- mostly because I hate purging chocolate.  I rounded it to approx 150cals.  My usual yummy cereal with green milk this time. (it's the only milk they had at the time, which made me a little distressed, but I would be more distressed without my cereal) 150cals.  Tea 20cals.  Usually I have a cup of coffee from the jar, but I ran out and again I rummaged my cupboard for whatever I had and found these 75cal per cup coffee 3 in 1 things.  Desperate for caffeine I decided to have one, which I am currently drinking.  It's very sweet, it has sugar mixed in before hand so I couldn't remove it, and I never have sugar in my drinks so very very sweet to me.  Hopefully it keeps my sweet tooth at bay.  Feels like a waste of cals though because I can have a cup for 5 cals with skimmed milk. Oh well.  I am revising and need brain food, my exams are too important to fuck up.  So I will probably make a tuna sandwich later with brown bread and no butter.  I put this at approximately 200cals.  I am not actually hungry, so this food will be for brain power and not to satisfy my hunger, which I am pleased with.

Todays total: 595cals
I could have definitely made this better without the wasteful cals- chocolate, high cal coffee and semi skimmed milk.
On a more important note.  Its that time of year again, when I have to hit the books.  Exams in less than a week and I've barely revised much. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Core Science, Maths and English.  It's going to be exhaustive, but at least it will keep me from thinking about food.  Also I appreciate all the comments, they really make my day, especially the last one.  Good advice that I shall definitely take.  =]  Okay must revise.



  1. I hate dreaming of food. When I dream about bingeing, it’s basically a premonition of what that day is going to be like. I wake up thinking of food and I just cannot control myself. Ugh it’s horrible.

  2. don't feel alone. i literally dream about food all the time, but better to dream it than have it be reality! actually it's more like a nightmare. anyways, you seem in good spirits :) keep it up girl. xo

  3. I go crazy if I have to drink green top milk! usually when my housemates have drank all my skimmed and replaced it with that!

    I have exams coming up too and it's really difficult to work hard and not eat so you're being really smart with the brain food :) Good luck in them!!


  4. You've done really well! good luck on exams and take care :) x