Thursday, 24 March 2011

Im so Proud of myself!

As the title says I am quite proud of myself. My boyfriend took me to McDonalds - like I said before he eats like a pig- and I only had a salad and I only ate half! It wasn't even hard to watch him scoff his nuggets and chips. This is what I now think of McDonalds:

 I feel in a new mind set, no more bingeing and purging.  Just restricting.  Also my boyfriend is eating toffee popcorn right now, and I am sitting enjoying my water in the corner whilst I secretly post this.  Also he has chocolate stars and oreo's for later.  The oreo's are going to be hard to resist especially knowing its only 52cals per biscuit but I will resist because if I have one then I'l have more.  I usually am not all or nothing and can usually restrict to one but I am not going to let myself cave to even one this time.   Today's intake has been quite good.

Breakfast: Usual fruit and fibre cereal with skimmed milk-120cals
Snack: One slice of wholemeal bread with a little marmalade- 80cals
1/2 McDonalds Salad-60cals.

Total intake- 260cals

2.22am - Cannot sleep, I think I have had 3 hours of unrestful sleep grrr. I was soo tired so I don't know why.  Anyway I am awake and I thought I'd update.  I ate the rest of my salad so another 60cals, plus I had some sauce with it, that's about 20cals.  Then I just ate a yogurt 71cals.  Plus in my previous post I forgot to say that I had 2 more coffees. Lol can't forget good old coffee. 10cals.

New Total intake: 401cals.

I am okay with anything as long as it is under 500cals per day.  Bit shit since I was doing so well.  I am especially pleased I had a healthy 71cal yogurt over a 52cal oreo.


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