Sunday, 27 March 2011

It's my birthday =D

Big 20. Goodbye teenage years....omg I can't do it, come back pleasee. I'm not ready to be mature yet. Bleh! Okay so I am 20 today and I tried to eat without guilt, but the screaming in my head almost made me cave. "Fat Bitch, go be sick now" constantly and things along those lines. It was hard to resist and I did. I shouldn't have but I did. I consumed about 900 cals all day today, maybe it will boost my metabolism. Fingers Crossed. Back to restricting tomorrow though, especially food because I will be on the drink to celebrate my birthday, because honestly a sunday night sucks. =/ I didn't have any cake thought because that is pushing it, but if I did I would have this one...

Please don't binge on my account- THIS CAKE WILL MAKE YOU FAT!!- DO NOT BINGE


  1. Happy birthday :) Hope you had a lovely day. 900 cals is not much at all so you've done well. Take care x

  2. Happy birthday! Good job on not purging. I know how hard resisting the urge can be. I hope it was a good day.