Monday, 11 April 2011

What a joke!

Wellll, I am back in beautiful England! I talked myself into going on the tour.  This other girl and me thought we would make the best of it. 30 hour coach ride....I can handle that.  What I can't handle is being stranded in coventry at some service station on a motorway for 15 hours because our coach broke down!  It id just ridiculous.  our tour guide kept phoning to find out what was happening, but the company are fucking liars, telling us that a coach would pick us up every hour. Apparently all there reserves were taken up (they have 4 to cover 96) so they were trying to find us a coach from a different company to drive last minute to salou.  In the end I said fuck it and went home, with the other girl.  Plus I ate so much because I was that bored.  My alcohol ran out so I couldn't get drunk and go with it.

Anyway that was Saturday and it's Monday now.  Yesterday I had a bow of cereal which i have no idea the amount of calories because I was eating it from someone else's house and could not check, but it was with skimmed milk.  I'd say about the same as mine as it was corn flakes of some kind.  I'l go with 150cals just in case.  Then I decided I felt like shit, no spain to keep thin for etc so I thought I'd gorb out all day. I ate a sandwich and had a bowl of super noodles. =[  I felt disgusting and couldn't manage to stop myself hitting the toilet.  Oh well, at least i'll be thin....probably not.  I went to bed and I slept the rest of the day and all night until now.  It is 11.25am.  Eeesh.  I slept for 20 hours! At least I haven't been eating.

I have lost my routine with this and that and I am afraid to weigh I won't.  I am going to watch the latest episode of, 'bones' in my lovely oneise.


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  1. Lose that negative talk girl! It's never too late to get back going and if anyone know's that it's me -- I binged on and off for a week last week and the week before. Make yourself smile! Listen to some feel good music and get moving! Sit ups on the commercials of your show? squats or weight training while watching? Any little bit counts and usually once you get moving you won't want to stop! Thinking of you and I hope today is better! xo skinnylove