Saturday, 21 May 2011

Ima be a godmama!!

So I haven't blogged in a while. I even checked my diary and I haven't written in it in 4 weeks!  I guess I was a mixture of having hardly any time to myself for a while and being ashamed.  I am home and I swear I cannot control myself! I just can't.  I am always good during the morning in placement.  I keep my calorie to around 400-500.  Then I go home and my mum makes me eat dinner err, and I want to so really it's my fault.  I feel so fat. fml.   

Good news though that makes me want to change slightly is that I'm gonna be a godmama. XD I wana be the best godmama eva! Im not religious, but which godparents really are these days, besides I googled it and I am so excited.  My friend S has just found out she is pregnant. 7 weeks or so.  Due date is in January.    qwjfhiuahfuehgiahgoaehgohgowhegqwfnpqeuwhf;nug

Ahh bittersweet....why can't I be normal? and just enjoy everything without constantly calorie counting. meh!  I don't want go back to uni in Liverpool because I want to stay and help my friend with her baby and be around for it, but I also want my degree and I know when I live away from my parents I can restrict easily. Decisions decisions...

Anyway sorry about not blogging....I am going to catch up on all your lovely blogs now. xx

DietCokePlease xxx


  1. awesome news about being a godmother. that's pretty sweet.

  2. i know what it's like when your parents want you to have dinner and you can't say no. well technically you could but when they offer you food it's like something snaps and you have to have that food. it sucks.
    anyway... congrats on becoming a godmother! that's awesome! :)

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