Monday, 7 November 2011

Missed Every1 -Sorry

Hi,  First of - sorry I have not posted in months.  I feel ashamed, I thought I  could get better without posting. I can't and I need this, I need support.  Weight gain = is not better, I feel like shit.  So I'm back down to 117lbs. Still striving for 100. Naturally.

I am in my second year at uni - oh the joy- it's so much harder.  You know what made me relapse and realise I need this. I did so bad on my first assignment of the year.  I just scraped a pass. Barely. =[ My school work suffered less when I was happy not eating much, but when I try to eat stress free = more stress. Oh the endless cycle.  

So yes I'm hoping you guys are still here for me =]. I will support use again. Hope to hear from everyone.  I forgot how much I enjoyed sharing my life. =]

DietCokePlease x

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