Saturday, 19 November 2011


Today has been a good day.  I got up early and went to the gym.  Burned 1000kcals.  Will be sore tomorrow.  Plus I am starting my new job tomorrow. I obv didn't think this through. Maybe a hot shower will help. =S

Sorry to disappoint but I have had chocolate today. Two bars. The shame.  I had a flake (135) before the gym for energy, and a fudge (110) after.  So its half 4 and my total is 250.  It won't be my final total though because I am going to have tea at around 6ish.  What to have though? =/ 

Lots of uni work to haul through.  My friend C sat her dental nurse exam today so hopefully she has passed, its good though because now I get my friend back.  Before she studied all the time.  We play black ops online. Its fun. 


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  1. i am still excited to receive your short story/poem when you find time to share it with me (: thank you!