Saturday, 12 November 2011

Eat Less Scales

After the last two days I needed today.  I have been pure gorbing! I had over 1000cals both yesterday adn the day before. Not good.  Not good at all.  It's okay though because I'm back on the wagon and restricting.  Today has been good.  Not my best but still good.

Breakfast I had toast (60) with marmalade (25).  For tea I had a skinless chicken breast fillet (200) with some parsnip, sprouts and peas, approx (170) in total, and a class of coke (105).  Total: 560cals.  Feels like a lot.  Probably because most of the cals came from one sitting. Oh well. I could do so much better without the coke, but it gives me more energy and I need energy to get some uni work done tonight.  It's near half 8 at night so thats me finished. 

These scales would be amazing to own. Sure would be good motivation.



  1. dang, that scale would mean you would never add up because it would always tell you to eat less. i am glad you feel like you are doing better and i hope that you are.

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