Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Coca Rocha

So today has been good calorie wise. Mostly because I bought the new Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 3. It is brilliant and has distracted me from food. I love looking at food though so I did watch four episodes of, 'Come Dine with me.'  Its a british series where 4/5 strangers meet up and throw dinner parties and compete for £1000. I love to look at all their meals. Very satisfying. 

Today's stats (approx)

For breakfast I had toast (60) with some marmalade (25) and a cup of tea with red milk (5). Then I had a cup of tea later on (5). For dinner I had two rounds of toast (120) no butter, and 1/2 tin of beans (120) with a glass of coke (75).  Total -  400cals

It's almost half 10 at night so I'm finished for today.  Also I took one hydroxycut tablet. Which is little compared to what your meant to take which is 4 a day.  If I could take 4 I would. You know 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. However they make me sick if I take that many.  They do work though. =]

Some thinspo of one of my fav models. Coco Rocha queen of the pose <3


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  1. I love Coco Rocha! Also hydroxycut makes me ill too. I had to stop taking diet pills for a long time because I'm pretty sure I gave myself an ulcer with them :(.