Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm so stupid!

Got 56%  in my teaching & learning assignment. How crap. I cried for an hour!  Not a good start to year 2 at uni. I'm so stupid! I tried so hard though. Grrrr. I did some maths work today. Pretty boring but it has to be done. Prob do crap on it too. =[

Day 2 of my Nov/Dec diet.  Still going good. Restricted under 500 went for a run, did some exercise. heraa  heraa. It's only an approx, not down to the exact cal, but I always round up rather than down. =]

Toast (60) no butter, splash of marmalade (25) for breakfast.  Then for tea I had a grilled chicken breast (180) with 24 sprouts (90) Yes I love my sprouts. Low cal and totally yum! Some coke to drink (50) Need to start drinking diet coke again. I'm addicted to fat coke! =[ Anywho. Total - 405cals.

Got the new Percy Jackson book. (Yes I love childrens/teens fiction) XD.  Going to read it tonight


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