Sunday, 13 November 2011


My head is sore. I am fed up researching.  I've spent at least 20 hours working on a 1400 word assignment. It's due tomorrow and I am almost finished. Uni is hard people.  Essays have to be completely referenced which is the longest part.  I could easily write difficulties in math from my head etc but noo I have to reference everything from journals and books etc.  On the bright side it has distracted me from thinking of food.  I didn't even realise it was so late.

I am really jealous and appreciate the hard work put in of all those fabulous girls out there who are amazing at maths. Oh well Science is my forte. Possibly not the math is physics lol. Team geeks

Been a good day so far. Ive had fruit n fibre cereal (for an extra boost on bowel movements) sorry TMI there but I'm sure that I am not the only one who has this problem lol. Anywho had that with red know the good kind, and a cup of green tea with a drop of honey and coffee for brain power. I aprrox total at 250ish. I plan on having a bowel of veg soup at 100 cals Il go 150 cals to be sure incase I end up having a different flavour.  So i'm approximating my total at 400cals for today.  I'l post later to be sure. I usually don't post during the day but at night when my day is finished, but I need a break from doing Math and I feel like sharing.  Love all my lovely ladies who follow me xx


Okay So I'm edited in my food.  I had scotch broth soup at (170) a tin. Plus a round of unbuttered wholemeal bread (60),  So total 500cals 

DietCokePlease xxx


  1. school is hard i was never good at writing papers

  2. I long for the day of 1400 word papers. In my upper level classes 15 pages seem to be the minimum. This term I'm doing second year courses and had a hard time with a 1500 word paper because I felt so constrained. I am in a theory major which requires a lot of writing with history and anthropology as my minors. I agree with you though, the hardest part if the references. I used to always leave them till the end because I hated them, but now I do them as I go. I find it takes less time that way.

    And I should be writing a paper now, but hey, blogger is a great procrastination tool, right? :)

  3. i am hoping your math assignment is going well and i am looking forward to reading what you have to write for the blog (: stay awesome, girl.