Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Happy title

Phew...I am happy today.  I kicked my ass in gear and headed to the gym. Students have free membership as long as they go before 4pm.  Good session. Hopefully now that I've started going back I can keep to it.  Going tomorrow before uni as well. Probably won't be as good as today.

I burned 500, plus 20 minutes walking and then some crunches and squats. When counting what I eat  I always round up. My calories intake for today is 490cals.  For breakfast I had two small slices of wholemeal toast. (120) with low fat butter and marmalade (30).  Then I had porridge with skimmed milk after the gym with the smallest amount of honey =] (160) At around 7ish I'll have a bowl of vegetable soup (190) for tea.  

I guess overal that would give me -10 cals as a net amount.  Though I don't think Ill deduct exercise otherwise Ill end up eating more...then were would it stop.  So I'm going with 490ish for today. Wicked. Tomorrow will most likely be higher, I'm in uni till 5. 

I find this image motivating when I am are struggling. Be it in the gym or emotionally or when I am hungry. 


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  1. I also don't like to deduct my exercise calories, as I too, tend to overeat then. I always feel kinda weird that I don't.

    I just started back to the gym on Monday too. I'm sure we can both make it a habit that we can stick with.